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Discover Your Optimal Health with Judith Garner, Independent Certified Health Coach

 Judith Garner, Garner Healthy Living Everyday January 01, 2014
A vibrant, grassroots movement of health coaches, health professionals, and clients who are redefining the path to health and well-being.

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Obesity is at epidemic levels, and chronic diseases account for 70 percent of U.S. deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Grim statistics and forecasts, coupled with a national focus on our health care system, have people developing a higher awareness of their personal accountability in monitoring their health status. Researchers now look to coaching as a viable solution to help people adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that can prevent and control chronic diseases. Health coaching is gaining awareness as an option in the public’s psyche. Studies show that personalized support makes a big difference in whether an individual’s lifestyle changes will take hold and contribute to their success. Take Shape For Life is an early innovator and leader in the emerging field of health coaching.

What is Health Coaching?
Health coaches are partners — not doctors. A qualified health coach focuses on getting clients to assess their reality and develop skills, discipline, and knowledge. This is done by educating clients about workable behavior modifications, as well as giving them tools for self-health management and the encouragement to take a more active role in staying healthy.

What is Take Shape For Life?
A revolutionary health program, Take Shape For Life offers each client the ultimate solution to losing weight and gaining optimal health by providing the support of a health coach, as well as a BioNetwork of support that includes access to a virtual clinic, weekly doctors' and nurses' support calls, and Habits of Health maintenance calls. Take Shape For Life’s physician-led national health coaching network was co-founded by its visionary chief architect, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, who also serves as Medical Director of Medifast® — the parent company of Take Shape For Life, and a leader in safe, effective weight loss for over 30 years.

To help people make the necessary lifestyle changes needed to create optimal health, Dr. Andersen developed an integrated support system using a team approach of health professionals working with health coaches. His model has shown that we can provide leading-edge nutritional solutions, medical expertise, and the support of caring individuals to provide the necessary one-on-one interaction that is vital in changing people’s lives.

The Take Shape For Life health-coaching network continues to gain momentum across the country, with more than 10,000 synergized health coaches joining together to expose more and more people to a real solution that actually works. In fact, their shared mission is to “Get America Healthy.”

How Take Shape For Life’s Comprehensive Health Program Works
Optimal health is a whole new approach to well-being that consists of three unique components that create a foundation and the long-term support to achieve a healthier life:
  • A personal Health Coach: Serves as a program guide and provides support and mentorship.
  • The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan®: Provides a regimented schedule of meals, featuring the medically formulated, clinically proven safe Medifast Meal replacements for weight-loss. The plan has three-phases, all supported by the health coach: Weight Loss, Transition, and Maintenance. During the first phase, clients learn the skills to reach their weight-loss goals. During Transition, they learn how to keep the weight off for good. And during Maintenance, clients establish the support system necessary to maintain new healthy habits for life.
  • Dr. A’s Habits of Health® System: Guides clients on learning and practicing healthy habits. Reaching a healthy weight is just the beginning. The Habits of Health System features six-steps on a client’s journey with his or her Health Coach: 1) preparation; 2) reaching a healthy weight; 3) transitioning to healthy eating; 4) learning the Habits of Health; 5) optimizing health for your age; and 6) living a healthier life.

About Judith Garner — Certified Health Coach
After 17 years as a successful real estate broker in the East Valley, Judith Garner changed her career focus after a family health scare. This propelled her into a health coaching career. “After my mother underwent an emergency heart-bypass operation, my life’s passion evolved and changed,” she said. “I no longer wake up each morning thinking about helping people buy and sell real estate. Nowadays, I wake up each morning thinking about how I can help others realize their optimal health and wellness potential.”

Today, Judith is a Certified Independent Health Coach with Take Shape For Life®. She is also at the helm of Garner Healthy Living Everyday®, a developing health and wellness media brand.

As a resident of Chandler since 1989, Judith  has developed the kind of concern for her community that has led her to volunteer over the years. A pledge she made recently represents her full support of Chandler’s Health Connect — an initiative led by Mayor Jay Tibshraeny. Health Connect focuses on the financial, physical, and mental health of Chandler’s community. This initiative is right in line with Take Shape For Life’s TrilogyTM concept, which incorporates healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finances. “There is a thread that runs through these areas, and a lack of health in any of them can affect our overall well-being,” Judith said. “I definitely support the tenets of the Health Connect initiative. I’m delighted to join in this effort, along with many other great businesses and volunteers who are striving to make Chandler a healthier city.”

As a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape For Life, Judith has coached people to health and has witnessed many amazing health transformations that have truly changed people’s lives. “It is such rewarding work, and I cannot be more grateful to be a part of it. I’m all in when it comes to Take Shape For Life’s mission to get America healthy,” she said.

For information or to schedule a consultation, contact Judith Garner at 480-560-7842, email or write to her at

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 Judith Garner, Garner Healthy Living Everyday| January 01, 2014
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