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 Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding December 03, 2012

By Sara Browning

Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding in Decatur, Illinois combines traditional prescription services with customized medications to fit the special needs of men, women, children, and pets. They give patients the opportunity to experience a personal relationship with their pharmacist and offers the very best in healthcare in cooperation with patients’ physicians. Prairie is known for specializing in customized medications for such specific medical needs as bio-identical hormone replacement to restore patients’ hormones, pain management, and hospice care, just to name a few.

Ann Rohde, owner of Prairie, opened the business in the Spring of 2010 after realizing the need for a local pharmacy. “I had just started my journey through menopause and was working to balance my hormones and had to decide on a compounding pharmacy to mail my customized medication to me,” she says. “I realized if I had to search outside of Macon County to get my products made, other patients would too. My husband and I decided to create a local pharmacy where patients could receive one-on-one personal attention.”

Ann says the special sense of connecting with and supporting one another is very present at Prairie. “We have been known to go out to some of our patients’ cars simply to hug and encourage them while their spouse is getting their medicine refills. We believe this special relationship is also a vital part of the healing process.”

Mike Hammel, RPh, a friend, and knowledgeable pharmacist with 36 years of compounding experience, is key to the success of the business. Lori, the full-time pharmacy technician, is personable and very efficient in every aspect of accessing information regarding patient medication, arranging for special orders, and
filling scripts.

Says Ann: “Together Mike and Lori make the perfect team to serve our customers! The pharmacy is actively addressing the vital needs of many patients in Decatur and all over Central Illinois—even as far away as St. Louis and Chicago—due to our competitive prices and personal service.”

Why Compounding?
Unique to Prairie is its compounding service, allowing the pharmacy to custom tailor medications to fit the specific health needs of different patients for special situations. The demand for custom-made prescription medication products continues to grow because manufacturers cannot fulfill the individual needs of patients. Patients are becoming more educated understanding that one pill does not fill all of their needs and that their body’s chemistry is unique.

“Our patients are excited and appreciate that we can compound medications to their specific needs while they wait instead of paying for shipping and waiting for it to arrive from other sources. We take the time to personally explain how and when to use their meds,” says Ann.

According to Ann, informed clients request compounded medications to eliminate the additives, food coloring, preservatives, and gluten from their standard medications. Such products could ultimately complicate patients’ health conditions. Compounding medications produce a medicine “tailor-made” specifically for each patient, often based on testing as in the case of hormones.

“My staff provides a very personal compounding service,” says Ann. “Customers are ecstatic when they are greeted by Mike and Lori and have the opportunity to ask questions in person rather than by phone. Mike and Lori listen to customers’ health needs and are often able to assist them with suggestions for a special compound to be sent to their physician for approval or with an over-the-counter pharmaceutical grade supplement.”

Specialized Compounding Services
Prairie’s specialized compounding services include hormone replacement in capsule or creams, dentistry compounds and specialized mouthwashes, pediatric compounding, pain management, veterinary special pet needs, podiatry and foot care, sports and orthopedic medicine, dermatology and skin medicine, and hospice and terminal care.

The pharmacy offers Diagos Tech hormone testing, evaluation, and consultation for peri-menopause and post menopause patients, PMS, men’s andropause conditions, adrenal fatigue, intestinal issues, irritable bowel issues, Gluten and food allergies and depression.

Hormone evaluation and management has become vital to an individual’s long-term health, according to Ann. The aging process affects clear thinking and mood, physical strength and ability, cholesterol, weight management, heart health, and sex.

“Because we are living much longer than we used to, we need to keep our hormones ‘tuned up’ so we can function with a quality of health to enjoy our later years,” Ann says. “Hormone management benefits everyone.”

Prairie also works together with customers and their pediatrician or family physician in pediatric compounding to develop specialized solutions for children that traditional pharmaceutical companies cannot create. When it comes to medication, children often dislike the taste or texture and have difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms. At Prairie, Mike custom compounds oral medications into solutions that are pleasantly flavored to make it easier for the child to take the medication.

“These creative formulations lead to improved health outcomes as they are more likely to improve a child’s medication compliance and minimize spillage or waste during administration,” says Ann. Flavored medications, acne, diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, head lice, nausea, and scabies are just a few pediatric conditions treated at Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding.

In addition to pediatric compounding, the pharmacy also specializes in pain management. Medications such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, anti-arrhythmics, anesthetics and anti-viral agents that possess pain-relieving properties may alter the sensation of pain when combined with various agents. Compounded transdermal creams and gels can relieve chronic pain when applied to the targeted area. Compounded medications are used for such pain conditions as back and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, migraines, muscle spasms, tendonitis, to name a few.

Other Personalized Services
From veterinary medicine to podiatry, sports medicine, dermatology, and hospice services, Prairie provides compounding services on multiple levels to meet patients’ specific needs. Animals, like patients, are unique and frequently require specific dosages of medications that are not available on the market. Thanks to custom medication compounding, pet owners can give their furry friends the correct dosage in a form that is best for their pet.

“We make capsules for horses, dogs, and cats. Our staff adds meaty flavorings to liquid medications, which make the medications easier for animals to swallow,” says Ann. “Creams that are absorbed into the skin are much easier for fussy animals, and their owners do not have to wrestle with them in order to get them to swallow pills,” says Ann with a smile.

Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding also specializes in working with patients’ podiatrists to treat disorders of the lower leg, ankle, or foot. “Our most popular compound is absorbed through the sole of the foot soothing painful peripheral neuropathy, allowing patients to walk without pain,” says Mike.

Compounded medications treat such conditions as warts, nail fungus, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation, and swelling to name a few conditions.

Compounding services in sports and orthopedic medicine benefit athletes and coaches that often suffer from inflammation, discomfort and muscle spasms as the result of sports injuries. In the case of a sports injury, Mike works to customize medications using topical creams and gels. These medications contain specific ingredients in the best vehicle to most effectively provide the appropriate drug to the targeted area.

In addition to sports injuries, Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding compounds medications for skin conditions, working with patients’ dermatologists, family physicians, aestheticians, and plastic surgeons to improve skin health with individually customized creams, lotions, gels, or oral dosing forms. “Dermatologists love our Salicylic acid topical for acne, scabies treatments, psoriasis conditions, and special shampoo for scalp conditions,” says Mike. Skin cancers, eczema, rosacea, alopecia, fungal nails, warts, and body rashes are just a few conditions the staff at Prairie treats.

Lastly, the staff at Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding works together with patient’s physicians to help hospice patients feel comfortable and calm, whether they are at home, in a long-term healthcare facility, or are admitted to the hospital. “We have Comfort Kits for the final stages of life,” says Ann. Alleviating suffering and improving comfort for hospice patients are the staff’s top priorities at Prairie.
Mike, Ann, and Lori strongly believe that the relationship between a patient’s physician and his or her pharmacy is key to maintaining wellness and good health. Ann and her staff are committed to excellent care and service.

For more information on Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding,
visit www.PrairieRx.com or call 217-876-PILL (7455). They are located at 2801 N. Main Street in Decatur.

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 Prairie Pharmacy and Compounding| December 03, 2012
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