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Creating Connections for Residents Through Friendships and Activities

  November 09, 2019

By Karen Brown & Pam Turner, Residents & Renee Reid, Director of PR for Methodist Senior Services

Senior communities today offer a wide array of services and amenities… and they definitely don’t feel institutional anymore. Most seniors who have moved to independent living or assisted living communities report that they prefer life at their new home to life alone. The benefits of a retirement community can take away the fear of aging. Wesley Manor Retirement Community specializes in making senior living easier and more affordable for Mississippi elders.

Comfort, convenience, and affordability make Wesley Manor an appealing option for retirees who want a friendly environment for their active, independent lifestyle. Retirement living here affords the opportunity to become engaged in a thriving community which provides many unique programs, both educational and entertaining. Wesley Manor is about more than affordable, clean, and attractive surroundings though. It’s about living life to the fullest! Our staff members are committed to the Methodist Senior Services’ Mission…to serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love.

While seniors often put off making the transition to a retirement community, the benefits gained by moving in early can lengthen one’s life. The story of resident Karen Brown is a perfect example of why community living at Wesley Manor is so attractive.

Karen Brown always believed that the elderly were disconnected from the world. As she began to age herself, she became disillusioned and unhappy. In the summer of 2017, her husband died. Shortly thereafter, she suffered a heart attack. She was left with a broad spectrum of health issues.

Knowing that she could no longer stay in her own home, her family voiced their concerns as to what she would do. They suggested an independent living community, what is commonly referred to as senior housing.

Believing that the adjustment to a new place, financial concerns, and loneliness would plague her after she moved into such a facility, Karen sank into fatigue and despair.

When Karen and her family visited Wesley Manor Retirement Community, Karen's spirit lifted the moment she walked through the doors. The residents were smiling and friendly. The administrative staff were courteous and professional. The facility was comfortable and inviting. Upon seeing the dining room, she was reminded of a French restaurant. The entire building was beautiful, almost opulent. Surprises were around every corner—comfortable nooks, with chairs, sofas, tables, and magazines. The 1 and 2 bedroom apartments offered a full size kitchen, large living area, and two walk-in closets. There were several floor plans, with some apartments facing a lovely courtyard. Karen agreed to the apartment with no hesitation.

Now if we left Karen’s story right there, it would be considered a success because she had found a retirement community that exceeded her expectations. But there is more to Karen’s story.

Often older adults who live alone become isolated, which is unhealthy at any age. At Wesley Manor, elders can make new friends, share meals, and enjoy special occasions with one another. The staff places special emphasis on social activities and community engagement, so elders stay connected to their peers and the issues that concern the greater community they live in. Residents need never be bored at Wesley Manor. There’s something here for everyone. All kinds of entertainment and activities are offered, both on-site and out in the local community. From visiting groups and guest entertainers, to day trips and local outings, our community has a full calendar with a wide variety of activities so elders can choose to do what interests them most. One of the greatest benefits of retirement community living is connection. Let’s see how this impacted Karen’s life.

Another plus for Karen came later when Pamela Turner of Hattiesburg moved to Wesley Manor. Karen and Pam became good friends. They discovered they share a common goal: to live in a safe place, that’s affordable, and in a comfortable environment that contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle. Pamela was suffering from a serious blood disorder, and her family thought it would be the ideal place to recuperate. Her apartment offered a private, serene setting to relax. She was even able to bring her beloved dog, Amy. No doubt Amy led the way to recovery!

Pam commented, "While I was familiar with independent living communities, I was not familiar with the joy and satisfaction of living at Wesley Manor Retirement Community. It has changed my life in such a positive way."

Both having a writing background, Karen and Pam recently collaborated to create the community’s first newsletter, "Manor Musings."  Filled with fun facts and entertaining stories geared for seniors, "Manor Musings" received a positive response from the residents. A Christmas newsletter and future quarterly newsletters are planned. What a wonderful way to give back and stay connected to their community! And they say the friendship isn’t bad either!

This story demonstrates why Wesley Manor Retirement Community, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is much more than a place to retire. We offer residents affordable, clean, attractive surroundings. Wesley Manor offers market rent and income based apartment living designed to maintain and promote independence for elders 62 years and older. The kind, attentive staff creates a warm family atmosphere. Numerous porches and our manicured grounds invite seasonal outdoor relaxation. Groceries, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities are just minutes away. Scheduled transportation is available for those who need assistance getting around town. The residents can relax right here, in their new home, with our daily social activities, in-house movies at the Tom Thumb Theater, and weekly worship services. And as in the story of Karen and Pam, you can see that Wesley Manor is a place that helps residents set aside their fears of aging and opens doors to new connections through friendships and activities. Isn’t it time for you to make our connection at Wesley Manor Retirement Community?

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November 09, 2019
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