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Commit to Your Success

  March 09, 2020

By Patrick Irby, President and Operating Manager, Anatomies Family Fitness

Did you make a New Year’s resolution?  If so, are you still working to achieve the goals that you established at the turn of the year?  If your answer is no, you are in good company. While the vast majority of resolutions made are health and fitness related, statistics show that as much as 70 percent of us had abandoned our efforts within the first few weeks.

Although different studies articulate somewhat conflicting statistics, it is clear that the odds of success are stacked against us. A recent article by Katharina Buchholz, published by Statista states that only 4 percent of individuals stick to their resolution through the entire year. Buchholz also writes that, amazingly, the most common day for ‘failure acceptance’ is the second Friday in January. The detail articulated in these predictions is remarkable, and clearly identifies that we, in general, have yet to find the formula or magic pill that enables a higher motivation to succeed.

Chris Berdick, author of Mind Over Mind, states that people fail because resolutions are usually a long list of lofty unattainable goals. He concludes that the more realistic and simpler your resolution is, the more likely you are to stick with it. Ashira Peosak, author of an article with Achieve, entitled This Year, Don’t Set New Year’s Resolutions, echoes Berdick’s direction. Peosak clarifies that individuals shouldn’t make resolutions that are often vague, broad, and unrealistic. Instead, set goals which are specific, time sensitive, and attainable.

Let us reach one step further. Don’t set a goal, instead, make a commitment. Commitment is defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc., a pledge or understanding. By definition, commitment requires your full involvement over a pre-established period of time. The very definition of commitment states success on a much deeper level.

Researching popular articles and blogs, while adding a few lessons from life experience, reveals seven steps to help establish a commitment that each of us are able to make.
  1. Understand your why. Nearly all physicians and health care professionals will tell you that the vast majority of illness and disease that plagues our population is preventable. Inactivity, poor nutrition, and habits such as tobacco or drug use, commonly contribute to our declining health. This means that each of us who fall into this category are sabotaging ourselves and robbing all those dear to us the highest quality of life. Pinpoint the things that make us want to live, and live better. It could be to improve a medical condition, more time with children, or regaining a self confidence that has escaped your grasp for years. Establish your ‘why’ and make it personal. Own it and understand that you are now responsible for the positive outcome. The foundation for success is much better established once true ownership is declared.
  2. Seek help from qualified people. It has been said that you are the sum of the five closest people in your life. Using this belief, get connected to a health and fitness facility that offers credible instruction that meets your needs. Interview everyone that offers the services most beneficial to your needs, as no two of us are alike. Careful selection will help you connect to the ones who can provide the best support.
  3. Define realistic expectations. Once connected with your health and fitness professional, you should now be able to establish a clear set of expectations. Any credible health and fitness professional will be able to clearly articulate what goals are highest in priority and what expectations can be safely established. Attempting to accomplish an ‘out of reach’ goal can be defeating and even dangerous. By contrast, systematic short term goals within your commitment will be extremely rewarding as you climb the ladder to success.
  4. Establish a plan of action. The plan of action will go hand in hand with point number three: defining realistic expectations. Too often we set out to make positive change but fail to understand what to expect or how to get there. It is little wonder why the failure rate is so high. Outline a clear road map to your destination and be prepared in the event that a slight detour should be made. Keeping your mind set on the destination while maintaining some flexibility will be key in navigating the little surprises our lives can bring.
  5. Remove obstacles. While this point may sound like common sense, several authors outlined this factor in similar articles. And as simple as this step is, removing the obstacles that have sidelined our efforts in the past can be tremendous in helping to stay the course. Obstacles can include removing the tempting foods from our cupboards, limiting time spent on social media, or planning exercise early in the day to prevent the natural distractions from attacking.
  6. Enjoy the process with a grateful heart. Thankfulness is the game changer, hands down. When approaching any disciplined behavior, especially a new journey into exercise, gratitude will lead you to pursue the task while acknowledging the gift we have in our ability to move and become more alive. Doing any task as if it is a chore or unpleasant responsibility will limit the outcome and take the joy from the process. Like a beautiful journey, each day traveled opens your eyes to so many opportunities and possibilities. If you stay focused entirely on the end result, you’ll pass, without noticing, each gift every day brings.
  7. Encourage others. As you establish momentum, encourage others around you. Clearly, when sharing your journey with others and helping them to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, not only fills your heart with joy, but also solidifies a personal resolve in each of our minds that the journey is more than what we do, it is now a part of who we are. The reward grows as we are excited for the success in others as much as for ourselves.
While there are many noble quests that any of us can take in order to improve our lives, improving your health, arguably, is one of the most important decisions that can be made. This decision not only improves our quality of life, but bleeds into the lives of all those near and dear to us. Better health is impactful in an exponential sort, with a return that is so broad and introspective, that it is difficult to measure. Regardless, a journey to improve your health and fitness is worth the trip. Adopt this guideline and improve your success!

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March 09, 2020


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