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  May 03, 2019
By Robert Donnell, Vital Care Compounder

Parents and grandparents always want to improve the health of their youngsters and will often go to great lengths to achieve better outcomes. Often, just saying no to items that you know are harmful could be the ideal response to requests that children make daily for treats, etc.

If we could just reduce or say no to sugary drinks that are loaded with calories, both our health and the health of our children and grandchildren would improve almost immediately. We could reduce harmful effects from processed, junk, and fast foods by cooking healthy items at home or just bypassing the restaurants that do not offer healthy options. We would add fruits and veggies and begin a regular exercise program. We feel better when we exercise, and children are no different. Find something they enjoy and play with them. Soccer is a sport that anyone can play and children love because any age or size person can participate. If not a sport, just get out and do a nature walk. But, do all your activities on a schedule, at least three times weekly.

Healthy habits can be a life changer for multiple generations when you have fun and do some activities that improve your health, the health of your child, and perhaps even your grandchildren. Many children and adults have really bad habits of eating foods that taste good but provide very little nutritional benefit. Frozen, processed dinners from the grocery chains are, on the whole, very unhealthy. They are quick and easy, and everyone uses these sometimes when time is a factor. When we see dozens in a grocery cart, we almost feel like screaming at the person for poisoning their families with these processed items. Just as bad are the menu items offered by restaurants that include chicken fingers, fried anything, macaroni and cheese, burgers, and hot dogs. These foods satisfy hunger, but are empty of wholesome nutritional value necessary for healthy living.

Research has shown that children reared by healthy-minded parents are much more likely to model their behavior after their parents. When children refuse to eat new healthy offerings, just keep serving the same items every few days. After a few weeks, the new offering will not be new any longer.

If you wish to give supplements to your youngsters, you may wish to consider these suggestions. A study by The Lancet shows that children who received a good vitamin/mineral supplement had increased scores in non-verbal intelligence, where the children receiving no supplements showed no improvement. Omega fatty acids, all the vitamin Bs, vitamin C, and probiotics may be beneficial to children, especially during the winter months.

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements may really be beneficial to patients who have poor nutritional support and have lots of exposure and stress. We, as a compounding only pharmacy, review the entire marketplace and select the finest values in the country. Often, patients take a poor-quality supplement that is cheap, but even the cheap price is wasted because little or no absorption takes place. We select companies such as Pure Encapsulations, Ortho Molecular, and Pharmanex, to name a few, that have really high quality and prices that patients can afford. Then when supplements are given, patients may actually benefit from the therapy.  

We enjoy visiting with you about your health and look forward to hearing from you. Our pharmaceutical-grade supplements help countless numbers of people on a daily basis to improve their therapy outcomes and ultimately, their quality of life. Vital Care Compounder is located at 115 South 40th Ave., Hattiesburg. For more information call 601-261-0503 or visit

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May 03, 2019


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