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Changing Seasons - Life’s Journey of Aging and Choices

  August 07, 2019
By Tanja Tyron, Scheduler, Amada Senior Care

I am a scheduler for an amazing senior care company and I love my job!  I love talking to clients and caregivers and hearing their stories. I love working with a motivated team to create positive solutions in our clients’ lives. More than anything, I love and respect the owners of Amada Senior Care—Kimberly Akers and Kris Patmos. They are passionate, heart-driven women who strongly believe in their mission “to enrich the lives of our clients, their families, our staff, and the senior community in which we live.”

My journey with Amada began during a season of change in my life and I owned all the doubt and insecurity that quite often comes with change. I discovered that Amada was founded during seasons of change in the owners’ lives as well. They, too, care for aging parents while navigating all the beautiful and taxing challenges of life: careers, family, and personal trials, to name a few. They have a front row seat to the chaos that most families experience when they begin their journey with an aging parent. Because of Kimberly and Kris’ experiences and combined talents, Amada Senior Care came to life with the mission to care for seniors in the comfort of their homes and journey with families through the changing seasons.

One of the most challenging and unexpected changes adult children encounter is the complexity, joy and sorrow navigating uncharted territory with aging parents. Amada Senior Care knows a quality partnership with seniors and families is developed by finding the right support, resources, and tools. The question is, how do you know where to start when there are so many overwhelming senior care options available?  Amada is resource-based driven to help guide families on this journey and provide easy to understand answers to overwhelming questions. We can ease the heavy weight of caregiving by providing quality care in your loved one’s home. As I personally discovered when my dad was diagnosed with dementia, it is important to enjoy time with parents as daughters and sons because taking on the role of caregiver can overshadow those relationships.

Care options through the seasons of change
The Amada Senior Care team is passionate about finding the best care solutions for seniors and their families. Amada employs skilled, compassionate caregivers that provide companionship, safety, meals, med reminders, and many other non-medical services in the home. Most seniors desire to age at home; the familiarity of their home, neighborhood, and favorite stores and restaurants, as well as everyday routines creates stability and security. Receiving in-home care also fosters independence. Tasks that have become difficult can be completed by or shared with the caregiver, giving the senior confidence to pursue their hobbies and interests and to live independently. Receiving minimal care hours per week has a positive effect on the whole family unit!

A critical part of care at home is the customized care plan for each senior. An Amada Senior Care Advisor will sit down with the family to evaluate physical needs, routines, emotional health, and safety. Seniors benefit not only from the care and companionship of a caregiver, but also from the many important non-medical services they are trained to provide. Services that Amada Senior Care caregivers provide include, but not limited to:
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Calendar updates
  • Medication reminders
  • Assistance walking/ambulating/transferring
  • Personal care—showering, dressing, toileting
  • Light housekeeping
  • Shopping, doctor’s appointments, hair appointments
  • Laundry
Funding care in this changing season
Amada Senior Care Advisors are fluent in navigating four ways to fund care in the home. Many seniors purchased Long-Term Care Insurance Policies 15–20 years ago, and this pays for assistance in the home or some other type of senior housing. Navigating the complexities of the Long-Term Care Insurance policy (LTC) can be daunting. Our Senior Care Advisor will help you understand the policy and the most effective way to use it. In order to help you receive benefits quickly, our Amada Senior Care Advisor assists in filing the claim forms and begins advocating to the Long-Term Care Insurance Company on the senior’s behalf.

VA Aid and Attendance, Life Insurance Conversions, and Home Equity Line of Credit are other care funding options that Amada Senior Care Advisors can explore with seniors and their families during this season of change.

We can hope when seasons change
Amada Senior Care has played an instrumental role in my season of change. I have gained knowledge and confidence in caring for my dad’s needs. I have been able to teach my family what I learned and we have grown closer together. If you or someone you love has an aging loved one, you are either in a season of change or about to begin going through some changes.

Meet the owners
Kimberly is a former educator, teaching primarily 8th grade Science for 18 years. Her passion for education helps seniors and their families understand information easily and provide practical solutions because she walks this journey daily with her aging parents. Kimberly loves educating groups, so if you have a Bible Study, Bunco Group, or other organization and you would like Kimberly to speak, you will not be disappointed with her humor and practical insight into assisting others in this Season of Change.

Kris is a former computer programmer, co-business owner and current Pilates instructor. Kris has a perspective of being the adult child miles away as she has helped her mom and dad downsize, sell her childhood home, move into an Independent Living community, and then receive support through Hospice Care the final months of her dad’s life. Kris’ experience of supporting parents through the distance of miles gives her insight to practical tips for healthy boundaries when you are separated by distance.


  • 70 percent of seniors 65 and older will need assistance with ADLs—Activities of Daily Living— such as bathing, dressing, and walking at some time in their life
  • 87 percent of seniors want to age at home
  • Seniors that receive care are actually more independent because difficult tasks are shared with the caregiver, giving the senior more energy for what he or she enjoys
  • Over $560,000 of income is lost by adult children who take time off work or leave jobs to care for aging parents

Call Amada today and meet with one of our Senior Care Advisors. On this journey together, we can work in partnership to plan a comfortable, safe, and secure future for seniors and their families. Whether the need is for in-home care, or expert advice on funding for senior care, or connecting you with other community care resources, Amada Senior Care is here for you! Call Amada Senior Care at 480-999-5250 or visit
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August 07, 2019


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