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 Anatomies Family Fitness June 03, 2014
By Lorelei Lawson

Anatomies Family Fitness is commemorating 25 years of serving Hattiesburg with a celebration of their efforts to get the community moving toward a healthy lifestyle. The one-of-a-kind family fitness facility has programs and trainers prepared to craft a routine for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life — from toddlers to senior citizens.

“The best fitness program for you is the one you will do,” said Patrick Irby, business manager for Anatomies. “It’s the program that you become connected to, the one that you embrace and the one that you enjoy, insuring that you return day after day.”

The remarkable team at Anatomies is passionate about helping all members achieve their fitness goals, whatever those goals may be.

“A fitness program should improve your quality of life and give you the ability and freedom to be the best that you can be. Or, having stated that, success is then measured by your individual needs. No matter if you’re in your 20s and want to walk on to your college football team, or if you’re 60 and want to cook Thanksgiving dinner without taking a break. Success can be realized by a grandfather taking his grandson on a fishing trip, or by a mother of three regaining the self-confidence that she enjoyed when in her 20s. Our team can help you,” Irby said.

Irby started in the fitness industry during his college years and joined the company that would eventually become Anatomies in the 1980s. He has seen fitness trends come and go and is exuberant when talking about all Anatomies has to offer.

“We have been blessed to assemble this great team that is qualified and extremely passionate,” Irby said. “The diversity of services offered by our team is what makes Anatomies such a unique facility. Our strength is not the collection of equipment and facilities, but the people that make these offerings possible.”

While Irby acknowledges that who’s under the roof is the most important thing, what’s under the roof is also impressive. What is under the roof includes an eclectic variety of exercise equipment, classes, and programs for all ages. Some of the programs that make Anatomies such a unique facility are outlined here.

The Gateway program at Anatomies is an entry-level program tailored for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey, or those who have not done much exercise for some time. Those in the program work with an exercise physiologist who is extremely passionate and skilled. Gateway has witnessed many remarkable success stories. Irby points out one such story.

“We had one lady come in using a walker, and now she is walking at least 40 minutes on a treadmill and is currently enjoying her second trip to Europe,” Irby said. “At the time, she was overmedicated and depressed, but now she is off her blood pressure medication and can hold a plank for 60 seconds.“

Irby also tells of a mother of three in her 40s who came to the Gateway program 60 pounds overweight. “She’s now in the best shape of her life,” Irby said. “She is a better mother, a better spouse, she’s more productive at work — she glows.”

Many members who are getting back into shape with the Gateway program choose to stay with it, while others move on to the more traditional fitness programs offered at Anatomies.

Weight Loss Center

Another feature at Anatomies is a stand-alone Weight Loss Center designed to help incorporate healthy eating into clients’ lives. The program is available to Anatomies members, as well as non-members.

An expert team of nutrition consultants guide clients in learning what food choices are best for the client and their families. Portion size, food selection, and preparation are highlights of the program, as well as learning to fit these principles into a lifestyle. Nutrition consultants gently guide, support, and cheer-on clients.

“The primary product of our weight loss center is based on education. We don’t want clients to be dependent on the program for success,” Irby said. “We want to prepare each client for success beyond the time spent in our program.”

Kid Zone
Committed to bringing families together in their fitness journey, Anatomies offers programs for kids that are much more than baby-sitting. The 17,000-square-feet of space is dedicated to youth. This space is subdivided for children of each age group, from infant to preteen.

“One thing that sets us apart from other places is the quality of our children’s program,” Irby said. “We introduce the children to the benefits of an active lifestyle through age-appropriate programming and games.” The Kid Zone is further divided into infants, crawlers, and toddlers, and our team engages the children with crafts, stories, games, and activities.

“Our team in the youth areas love these children,” Irby said. “And mom and dad know they’ll be cared for. They can do fitness as a family. We’re trying to teach them, from the earliest age, the value of physical activity.”

As kids grow, they graduate to the AYC, or Anatomies Youth Center. “It’s like a mini-Anatomies,” Irby said. “The equipment is all downsized. The AYC contains a line of exercise equipment designed to fit the younger children, and as they grow, we have another line of equipment that looks like and mimics adult equipment.”

The children take pride knowing they are doing the same exercises as mom or dad. Also included in the AYC are areas for play, such as laser tag and basketball, as well as a stationary and moving rock climbing wall, to name a just a few. It’s not just equipment designed to get kids moving, but how the team in the AYC organize activities. “They are very, very creative,” Irby said, “and the programming that they present is what brings the youth facilities to life.

Program Options
Anatomies offers several group fitness programs for those who like camaraderie on their fitness menu. All group fitness activities are included in the price of Anatomies membership. Group Power Up is a 60-minute barbell workout that hits all the major muscle groups in an inspiring and motivating group workout. Group Kick is a 60-minute fusion of martial arts and boxing moves set to energetic music for a great cardio workout.
    Siren Spin is a group workout designed to burn those calories with powerful music and a motivating instructor. The members work at their own pace but are challenged by slow climbs, short sprints, and recovery spins on a stationary bicycle. Zumba group classes combine Latin and international music with a dynamic workout system that is fun and easy to do. The energetic instructors at Anatomies help members dance the calories away.
    Centergy is a unique 60-minute workout designed to exercise both body and mind. Group Centergy incorporates yoga and Pilates elements, plus athletic training to promote improved balance, flexibility, mobility, and core strength. The class is set to emotive music as instructors lead members on this full-body fitness journey.

Anatomies Facilities
Anatomies Family Fitness boasts an inviting and welcoming space as soon as members walk through its doors, and the facility houses spacious, clean, and smartly-designed fitness areas throughout.

The Welcome area features a smoothie bar and a full line of fitness and supplement products. Free towel service, with both exercise and bath towels, is available to all members. Complimentary tanning, with both stand-up and bed models, is also included in membership.

The separate mens’ and ladies’ wet areas each sport a large, salt-water hot tub; a steam-room enhanced with eucalyptus oil; and a dry sauna.

Workout areas are clearly defined. Anatomies Circuit area offers an efficient and complete workout. The Cardiovascular area is designed for varied cardio workouts, while a separate studio, Core, focuses on abdominals and midsection equipment. A Ladies Nautilus area features a complete ladies facility, where women can exercise in a ladies-only environment. Free weights and selectorized equipment are housed in the Main Event, which is an area ideal for resistance training.

Celebrating 25 Years
Now through June 30, Anatomies is offering a reduced enrollment fee of just $25. Other specials are also ongoing, such as a raffle for those who bring a friend to Anatomies. A drawing will be held for a free one-year membership.

Over 25 years, Irby has seen the fitness industry evolve, but the goal of Anatomies has remained strong. “We want to impact our community so that each person who walks through our doors is able to have the most vibrant life possible. We simply want to help each member live better!” Irby said.

To take a virtual tour and learn more about Anatomies Family Fitness, visit their website at, or call 601-579-9555.
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 Anatomies Family Fitness| June 03, 2014
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