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Capati Dental Providing a Custom Approach for Everyone

  October 08, 2018

By Amy Denney

While there is a plethora of ways a dental practice can revolutionize its practice, Dr. Albert P. Capati, DMD, has used dental anxiety as the barometer for transformation at Capati Dental. That means he is constantly assessing any new product, technology, or program his office adds for how well it will comfort patients and prospective patients who aren’t naturally at ease in a dental chair. His aim is not just to reduce stress, but to eliminate it.

At Capati Dental, several new additions are already enhancing patient-centered care, including CBD oil, a new non-invasive laser, technology that calms the nervous system and turns off stress, and a wellness plan that makes dental coverage affordable for patients without insurance. But, it all starts with the dentist-patient relationship. “We don’t even sit new patients down in a dental chair first,” Capati says. “We sit in a comfortable room and talk to them about what their specific concerns are. We provide enough time during our initial consultations to address these kinds of things.”

In fact, his office carves out an incredible 90 minutes to talk about anything the patient wants to address up front — something that often shocks new patients. They may not use the entire appointment, but it’s clear Capati is determined to give everyone the amount of attention as they need. “We want to make sure we have enough time to address all their concerns,” Capati says. “If they show they have dental anxiety, we talk to them about it.” His strategy is to lift stereotypes about dentists and dental care, but it comes naturally because he genuinely listens and then offers solutions for easing their specific fears and nerves.

UltraCell, a full-spectrum hemp CBD oil
Capati is passionate about this USDA-certified organic hemp oil that has greater absorption due to technology that’s made it 100-percent water soluble. “This brand is different than a lot of other hemp oils on the market,” he says. “It has an absorption of 94 percent, where six percent is normal, and it gets into the blood stream quickly.” What that means is a patient can have a dose of UltraCell placed under the tongue in his office. It’s held there for one minute and swallowed. It’s especially pleasant for patients who don’t like the physical or emotional invasiveness of shots to become numb before a dental procedure. “It helps with anxiety. It helps control pain. It lowers inflammation,” Capati says. “And it helps people get better sleep.” Many patients continue to use it outside of his office for the wide range of wellness applications, including nutritional benefits with prebiotics, omega fatty acids, and more.

LightWalker laser
This new technology by Fotona advances laser technology by further easing use for the dentist and application for patients. The LightWalker laser has a patented quantum square pulse mode that optimizes patient comfort, speed of treatment, and clinical results. “It is a lot less invasive than a drill. A lot of people are afraid of the sound the drill causes,” Capati says. “There’s no vibration because it doesn’t touch them. It has a numbing effect, so I’m not using as much anesthetic. I’ve been able to do fairly deep fillings without anesthesia.”

The Capati Difference dental wellness plan
Another concern that often comes up for prospective patients is lack of insurance. When a long period of time has lapsed since they’ve seen a dentist and issues inside their mouth are mounting, it can create additional anxiety that’s directed at both treatment and the cost. “I think we need to break this notion that dentists need to be costly,” Capati says. “A lot of people think dental work is out of reach. A lot of people feel like if they don’t have insurance they can’t go to the dentist at all.” That can create more problems in the long run, so he created an alternative so that quality dental care can be affordable. It includes preventative services like cleanings, exams, screenings, and x-rays. The membership program has a monthly or annual fee with discounts on in-office treatments and certain products. Capati says there’s no cap on how much work can be done in a timeframe, unlike insurance policies that put limits on dental treatments. “Subscription-based health coverage is growing. This is a part of a bigger trend,” he says. “I believe we are providing service far beyond what the average dentist is providing.”

This patented neuroscience technology is able to help patients naturally relax their minds and bodies within minutes, drug-free. NuCalm uses a four-pronged approach: a supplement, a microcurrent stimulation device, acoustic software, and an eye-mask to rapidly create a deep relaxation. While Capati has been using it in his sleep clinic for only a few months, he’s currently expanding it to help dental patients relax, too. It takes a couple minutes to administer, and the effect is almost immediate. The science of tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system has been used to reduce stress for everyone from professionals to athletes. It helps speed up recovery time and enhances quality of life. “You can actually go into your dentist visit and come out a lot more relaxed and healthier than when you went in,” he says.

A custom approach for everyone
For Capati, dental care should be personalized because every person is unique. He also takes a holistic approach, digging for the cause of symptoms instead of simply treating problems that arise. “I’m always educating myself to know the systemic connection between the mouth and the body,” he says. Consequently, he maintains a five-star rating on Yelp, the online review service where Capati’s name is synonymous with ease of care. The most recent review from Amanda J. in Taylorville says, “Dr. Capati and his staff and incredible! I have severe anxiety when it comes to the dentist and they made me so comfortable. I know where I will be going from now on, as well as my daughter and husband. I wish I could give more than five stars; they deserve it!”

Mason M. from Springfield says on Yelp that he came to Capati after eight years without any dental care or insurance. “I have been ‘phobic’ of going to the dentist since I was a little kid. My insecurities of the tartar buildup on my lower teeth outweighed the phobia,” Mason says. “Dr. Capati and his staff are top notch and we are lucky to have them in Springfield. Every person I encountered today was kind, welcoming, and professional. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my smile... after the first appointment!”

Capati says he hears feedback like this often — it’s his goal with every patient. He knows dental patients don’t like feeling like a number. He admits his own desire to be heard and given options as a patient. “What gets people in are the reviews on Google,” he says. “They need work, and they want somebody who treats them well.”

For more information on any of these approaches to dental anxiety, contact Capati Dental at 217-522-4451 or info@capatidental.com.
You may also visit their website www.capatidental.com to read about the full range of dental services it offers.
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October 08, 2018
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