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BRIA Health Services, Restoring Independence, Vitality, and Energy

  July 04, 2016
By Benjamin Goodin

When recovering from surgery, a major illness, or a hospital stay, the first thing that most people want is to return home as quickly as possible. There, they can recover surrounded by familiar comforts and family members. However, most of the conditions that require hospitalization also require short-term rehabilitation or extended recovery, and can involve frequent follow-up visits with medical staff outside the home. These visits can be challenging, inconvenient, and sometimes uncomfortable to a patient who is still recovering.

Most people value their independence, which can make convalescing a frustrating experience to those accustomed to self-sufficiency. Even recuperating in the coziness of your own home can be challenging when you are faced with new limitations to mobility, energy, and self-sufficiency. Bridging the gap from hospital to home can be more stressful than most people predict. BRIA Health Services can help prepare you for living independently again, without the trials of balancing home recovery responsibilities.

BRIA Health Services has two local area rehabilitation and skilled nursing locations – one in Belleville and one in Cahokia. Their entire staff is specially trained, certified healthcare professionals, prepared to meet your recovery needs. Their sole focus is on returning patients home to resume their independent lifestyles. “We have a passion for family and seniors that starts at home and influences everything we do,” says Daniel Weiss, CEO of the family-owned BRIA Health Services that invested over $1 million dollars in its Belleville location last year to bring area seniors quality healthcare in a caring and compassionate environment. “We look at each of our patients as if they were part of our family,” continues Weiss. “We ask ourselves and our staff, ‘What would you want to do for your own parent or grandparent if they needed rehabilitation therapy or skilled nursing services?’ and then we proceed to meet that same expectation for our clients.”

Addressing the Medical Conditions of Aging Adults
Aging Baby Boomers demand the most advanced rehabilitation and skilled nursing practices and technologies in a setting that has an added component of comfort and luxury. BRIA understands that 5-star amenities are not a substitution for high-quality care. They strive to deliver both. As a hospitality-based healthcare provider, the BRIA model of care centers around providing a care-delivery experience focused on service excellence, and their operating model focuses solely on providing intense therapy and nursing services geared toward returning patients safely home as soon as possible. They provide the additional short-term support patients need to safely transition home.

The STRIVE Center for Rehabilitation at BRIA of Belleville is designed to feel like home, not a hospital. Stay in one of their lavish private and semi-private rooms with warm and welcoming furnishings. Order meals from the room-service menu. Relax and pamper yourself in the spa room. Enjoy a family meal in the private dining room. All this is available to area seniors. While enjoying these 5-star amenities, take advantage of their cutting-edge specialty programs and advanced equipment developed around orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary, and neurologic medical conditions of aging adults. Physical, occupational and speech therapy are available seven days a week. Therapeutic modalities augment the traditional disciplines and are often used to manage pain, re-educate muscles and increase circulation for improved healing after surgery or an injury. These non-invasive, non-surgical, medication-free therapies to help patients heal without increasing recovery time through additional procedures. They can expertly treat conditions such as arthritis, muscle weakness, and mobility loss, so you can return home strong and confident. Their active assisted motorized rehab cycling system and virtual reality augmented therapy system are among the cutting-edge modalities offered. The center’s Synchrony Program offers advanced treatment solutions for dysphagia in conjunction with speech-language pathology. BRIA work tirelessly to strike the perfect balance between compassionate, individualized care and the latest advances in rehabilitation and skilled nursing practice and technology in all their services. BRIA continues to invest in up-to-date equipment and the care they offer to ensure that they can provide the best environment for your recovery in the Metro East area.

Professional, Caring Staff
All of the BRIA staff are educated and licensed professionals, but more importantly, they are dedicated to your health and comfort. “It’s more than a job for our staff. Many have over 20 years of dedicated service helping people recover from surgery or an illness, Evan Lafer, Corporate Director of Business Development for BRIA Health Services states, “We believe that high [employee] satisfaction rates equate to better care and service,” he adds that most of the staff lives within the surrounding community themselves. So, not only is the staff certified and experienced, but they may very well be one of your neighbors or friends in Belleville or Cahokia. That translates to a level of personal care and compassion that large hospitals and distant facilities cannot match, and unparalleled comfort while away from home. The friendly, professional approach and can-do attitude of the BRIA staff keeps their patients positive and motivated to reach higher and achieve more.

Comfort and Freedom

Spending time away from home and family can be emotionally difficult for recovering patients, that is why BRIA offers locations in Belleville and Cahokia — close to home. BRIA has a 24-hour visitation policy, meaning your friends and family can visit with you any time of day, whatever is convenient for your schedule and theirs; they can even visit to encourage or assist during a therapy session. Relatives can even attend one of the many social events offered to patients, including in-facility events and those hosted in the community outside the building.

Reclaim your strength and independence; restore your vitality and energy with the teams at BRIA of Belleville and BRIA of Cahokia. They know your goal is to return home and they will help you achieve that goal quickly, safely and completely. As your bridge between hospital and home, BRIA Health Services provides the personal attention and additional time necessary to get you back on your feet and into your daily routine. Competent, compassionate, comprehensive care is their commitment and it always will be.

If you or a loved one needs skilled, compassionate care with an eye on reclaiming your independent lifestyle, let BRIA Health Services be the one to help you.

BRIA of Belleville is located at 150 N. 27th Street in Belleville, IL.
BRIA of Cahokia is located at 3354 Jerome Lane in Cahokia, IL.
For additional information or a tour, call 618-235-6600 (Belleville) or 618-337-9400 (Cahokia).
Visit for information of all BRIA locations.
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July 04, 2016
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