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Bouncing the Belly Back After Baby

  April 02, 2018

Submitted by Twin City Plastic Surgery

Exercise and diet are critical components of a healthy pregnancy for the mother and baby. Many women, after giving birth and adjusting to the sweet little addition to the family, restart their exercise routines with a determination to get their pre-pregnancy shape back.

With each subsequent pregnancy, it can get a little harder for a woman to regain her figure. So, imagine how hard it would be for a woman to get her body back into shape after six pregnancies and giving birth to eight children!

Tere (pronounced “Terri”), had her first child 44 years ago at age 23. “As a nurse, I know it’s important to do your part to maintain your overall health. I always worked out and ate well,” Tere shared. So, after each of her pregnancies from age 23 through 39, she continued to exercise and eat properly and found her body bounced back well each time.

So, imagine Tere’s surprise when, at age 51, she found again she was pregnant — and this time with triplets. Yes, you read that right: pregnant at age 51 with triplets. Overall, Tere’s pregnancy went well, especially given that she was considered at an advanced maternal age. She encountered some additional physical challenges at the end of this pregnancy and delivered through C-section, but in the end, she gave birth to three more healthy children for a total of eight.

Seeing that her three babies were healthy and happy, Tere resumed a routine of exercise after delivery just as she had following her five earlier pregnancies. However, her body didn’t quite bounce back this time like she had come to expect.

“I was able to get back down to my normal weight again, but my tummy never returned to normal,” Tere lamented. “After the first five pregnancies, I was very fortunate. I honestly didn’t even have a stretch mark. So, imagine my frustration when I couldn’t get my stomach back in shape after the sixth pregnancy with our triplets,” she continued.

“I again made it through this last pregnancy without a stretch mark. However, the loose skin on my stomach changed my overall appearance and shape. As my doctor told me, ‘You can only expand a balloon so many times before it won’t return to normal,’” Tere laughed.

Then, in 2013, after ten years of living with her loose stomach shape, Tere decided she had enough. She finally accepted that the excess skin wasn’t going away. She continued her healthy lifestyle but made an appointment with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Twin City Plastic Surgery to discuss how to get her stomach back to normal.

“As a nurse, I had done a lot of research and had specific questions when I met with my doctor,” Tere shared. “I felt comfortable from the first meeting and knew that my personal goals for my body and health were well understood.” She also worked regularly with the Twin City Plastic Surgery nurses and office staff. “They were so responsive to my calls and provided me with an education on the procedure, pros and cons, and what to expect long term from the options we discussed.”

After completing her research and consultations, Tere decided for a tummy tuck and some stomach muscle wall reconstruction. She followed all the rules for her procedure and recovery, and found within about one month she had resumed most of her daily activities.

One year later, Tere resumed her active lifestyle, including running. Her health remains strong, as does her family, and she has her “normal” body back. Tere continues to exercise and eat well, and she is thankful she finally took off the last few pounds of baby weight through her tummy tuck. Tere smiled and shared, “My stomach is toned and strong, and my body is healthy. I need it to be to keep up with my kids!”

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April 02, 2018
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