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Audible Hearing Aids & Audiology Introducing the World’s First Healthable™ for Your Ear

  April 01, 2019

There is a new American hearing aid that allows you to stream your phone calls, music and audio books, and messages directly to your ears — while also translating 27 foreign languages into English, tracking your daily fitness/health activity, and detecting and notifying a loved one should you fall. Audibel’s Via AI is a ground-breaking hearing industry first — and is just the latest example of Audibel’s focus and commitment to American technological innovation and patient care excellence. Excitingly, Audibel research scientists continue their work to bring even more future innovations such as heart-rate and diabetes detection.

Audibel’s Via AI reimagines what a hearing aid should be. Clear and robust to help you hear clearly in noise — it also seamlessly integrates with your smart phone to do so much more. The Via AI utilizes integrated biosensors and artificial intelligence, complete with personal tap control, an app on your smartphone, and a virtual assistant to answer questions to help improve your quality of life. Using breakthrough technology that Audibel calls Hearing Reality, Via AI is designed to give you renewed confidence in noise at work, a restaurant, or church. Unwanted background noise is suppressed while the human voice is amplified, allowing you to hear conversations more clearly. The Via AI also has a tinnitus-management program built in to help quiet your world when needed. Remote programming allows our hearing professionals to make minor adjustments through your phone without an office visit so that you can remain active.

“It’s very user-friendly. The sound clarity surpasses anything that we’ve had before,” said Stacy DuBois, BS, BC-HIS, COHC — a board-certified hearing professional at Audibel Hearing Healthcare, who works each day to help her patients hear better and have an improved quality of life. “This is the most-advanced product I’ve ever seen.” The staff at Audibel goes through consistent training to ensure they can fully utilize new and award-winning technology for their patients. What good is breakthrough hearing technology without quality patient care? This is where Audibel sets itself apart from other providers — a relentless and ongoing focus on patient care and technological excellence.

There is now a significant body of published research that strongly supports the importance of treatment for adults who suffer hearing loss. Intervention and treatment not only reduces social isolation, depression, and anxiety that can be caused by untreated hearing loss, but it can also play an important role in minimizing cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia.

Via AI allows you to take a proactive approach to your health. “The Via AI product is the first hearing aid in the ‘Healthable Electronics’ category,” said Stephanie Rogers, MA, CCC-A, FAAA — a clinical audiologist at Audibel Hearing Healthcare. Integrated biosensors help detect your movement, activity, and gestures. Further, the hearing aids seamlessly talk with each other to create better voice clarity, and with other available media accessories, to deliver a quality hearing experience and meaningful lifestyle benefit for you.

Audio from your favorite media source or smartphone can be streamed directly to your hearing aids — whether from a television, radio, or smartphone. Further, a remote microphone can be added to stream from a variety of sources, including Amazon’s Alexa. The microphone can be placed on the opposite end of a dining or conference table to help in group conversations. The microphone can also be used as a media streamer by placing it near a chosen sound source.

Via AI adds customizable tinnitus relief for those who suffer from ringing in their ears, and its best-in-class feedback cancellation software means there’s no annoying and distracting buzzing or whistling in your ears — a relief from those who suffer from tinnitus.

Via AI adds breakthrough technology features through integrated sensors that detect your movement. Should you fall, the integrated biosensors will detect and automatically alert up to three contacts you designate through your smartphone. Therefore, even when you are alone at home or work, you can maintain your independence. If a fall is detected, the smartphone app timer will count to 60 or 90 seconds, depending on your pre-selected preference. A text alert, including your location, will be sent. You can simply cancel the alert by tapping either your smartphone screen or your hearing aid. You are also notified when the alert has been received by your contact.

Included in the Via AI app is the program Thrive, which is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones through Bluetooth. Thrive provides you a Body Score, a Brain Score, and an overall score that combines the two — called the Thrive Wellness Score. The Body Score measures your daily activity, encouraging you to remain active to help improve your health. The Brain Score measures your interaction with others through speech and environmental sounds, encouraging you to get out and interact with others to help keep your mind sharp.

The Via AI app can transcribe 27 languages on both your smartphone screen so you can read and in your ears through speech to help you understand someone who speaks a foreign language. The Via AI app can be personalized through geotagging so that the hearing aids automatically adjust for you at a preselected sound environment. Further, Siri, the virtual assistant on Apple’s iOS operating system, can be integrated to read texts and emails from your smartphone to your hearing aids. With the Auto Experience Manager, the hearing aid volume will automatically adjust over time to help you seamlessly adjust to wearing new hearing aids.

You can answer a phone call with a touch or tap of a button and stream the conversation to your hearing aids through Bluetooth. A remote control feature allows you to easily adjust the volume or switch sound memories through your smartphone. With Adaptive Car Mode, the hearing aids will automatically change the setting to help reduce unwanted driving sounds. Should you misplace your hearings aids, the smartphone app includes a feature that helps locate them by sending stronger and weaker signals based on how close you are.

DuBois says her clients absolutely love the features of the Via AI. “They just love the new sound. They love that they can stream their phones calls to their hearing aids,” she said. “I’ve seen amazing things happen.” One of her patients even uses her Via AI to compete with her husband and his Fitbit to determine which one is getting the most steps each day. “She’s lost 15 pounds. It’s kind of encouraging to see she wants to do this,” DuBois said.

DuBois went on to say that the Via architecture comes in a variety of technology feature levels to help fit any price point. Therefore, the clarity and reliability is accessible to almost any budget. We also have financing available with approved credit to help you hear better. “We work closely with a patient to make sure they are getting the technology that is appropriate and affordable for them. We really do try to make each patient’s experience unique to them and their hearing loss. It is one of the things that we pride ourselves in.”

Via AI comes in seven colors to help make them discreet and virtually undetectable. Via AI can also be ordered rechargeable, so you no longer have to worry about changing batteries.

“Our patients are custom-fit for a Via AI hearing aid to help ensure the best and most appropriate fit for their hearing loss and lifestyle. Your initial hearing test and consultation takes approximately two hours. It just depends on what is required for each patient,” DuBois said. “Our desire is for our patients to feel connected to the people and activities they love and enjoy. Fall detection, language translation, body and cognitive-wellness tracking allow us to do that. It’s about helping people hear the best they can possibly hear by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, ultimately allowing our patients to hear better and live fuller lives,” said Rogers. Sadly, there is often a stigma about wearing hearing aids, but DuBois said that is changing, thanks in part to the increasing available technology of Audibel’s Via AI. The ability to leverage a smartphone to increase what a hearing aid can do greatly improves a patient’s quality of life. This is definitely not your father’s hearing aid of old!

When new patients try the Via AI, they often tell DuBois, “Wow, this is amazing!  You told me it would be great, but you didn’t tell me they would be this great.” That is music to the ears of the hearing professionals at Audibel.

To schedule your confidential hearing test and consultation, as well as try the new Via AI hearing aids, call the hearing professionals at Audibel Hearing Healthcare: 1-800-748-8661. You can also reach out through their website: They have 10 convenient clinics for you or a loved one: Brandon, Columbia, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Laurel, Meridian, Mobile (AL), Ocean Springs, Picayune, and Vicksburg.

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April 01, 2019
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