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Arbor Rose Senior Care: Changing Lives, One Heart at a Time

  January 07, 2019

Welcome to Arbor Rose as we proudly celebrate 19 years of providing care to the Mesa community. In your search for senior living, you will hear a lot of communities talk of their residents as family, but at Arbor Rose, family is not a catch-all; it describes our culture, the caring and sincere lifestyle we work hard to maintain, and the feeling you get as soon as you step onto our grounds.

What does being part of the Arbor Rose family means to us?
It means our staff wants to work here and most have been here for many years. It means our residents take comfort in knowing that our dedicated team is always here and their families know they can call us any time. It means the residents live together in cottages and eat together at mealtimes. It means our residents don’t live where we work, we work where they live. If you or someone you love is considering senior care, we would love to introduce you to our family.

We believe that seniors should have the option to live their lives within the environment of their choice, whether that be at home and utilizing our Adult Day Club or living within our community.

What is Adult Day Club?
Between the demands of work, family, and caregiving, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we created the Adult Day Club. Caregivers can take comfort in knowing that should they need additional assistance with their senior loved one’s care schedule, our Adult Day Club staff is here, Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm, to lend a helping hand, allowing caregivers time for work, errands, and needed personal rest knowing their loved ones are in a safe, stimulating, and fun environment. Whether for an hour or five days a week, Arbor Rose can help!

Our Adult Day Club will ease your loved one’s fears while helping them transition to a future short or long-term stay if needed. Knowing the staff on a first name basis and maintaining a home-like environment creates peace of mind. Many of our Adult Day Club participants have transitioned to permanent residency, allowing them to be part of the Arbor Rose family on multiple levels.
At Arbor Rose Adult Day Club, the activities are designed around each member’s ability, where no one is left behind. Our members enjoy life-enriching activities designed to challenge the mind and body, as well as some leisure time to nourish the spirit.

Six principles of wellness
The Arbor Rose holistic philosophy incorporates six principles of wellness:
  • Physical engagement encouraging residents to maintain motor skills through exercise and daily tasks and activities
  • Spiritual support to embrace the diversity of each resident within our community through music, literary affirmations, group discussion, prayer, and other means
  • Artistic expression for residents who appreciate and respond to a variety of art mediums
  • Community connections to create an opportunity for our residents to engage through civic outreach projects. To pay it forward to the neighborhood and surrounding community
  • Continuing education offering programs to keep residents brains engaged and always learning, a vital activity to support brain health
  • Lifestyle and leisure to reflect the interest of our residents by embracing past professions, past times, hobbies, and lifestyles
This holistic approach is designed to engage a resident in unlimited ways throughout their day and night. To be successful, we rely on our own knowledge and understanding of each resident’s specific personal history. By understanding a person’s past and habits, it enables us to assist them in the present and guide them through their journeys. Each day is structured in a consistent rhythm of the day to guide residents through their daily lives.

Entering through the bistro of our Adult Day Club, each day you will find warm greetings of residents, staff, and participants enjoying a continental breakfast and welcoming the day. Everyone has an array of choices to enjoy: a daily exercise class, learn Spanish or another foreign language, or be creative with an arts and crafts activity. It may appear that everyone is just here for fun, but in the background the great staff members are consistently and privately attending to each participants’ personal care needs. Arbor Rose staff ensures all participants are happy, healthy, safe, and their dignity remains intact.

It’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest impact, as a family member recently shared, “Upon my first visit to Arbor Rose, amongst all of the faces, I watched as a young man sat in the courtyard reading to two frail elderly women. He was reading Chicken Soup for the Soul as they laughed and shared tears about the story. It warmed my heart to see this interaction.”

Arbor Rose works closely with multiple outside agencies, allowing certain participants to attend via scholarship, veteran assistance, or family support grants to help cover costs of our program. These programs allow the family caregiver to attend educational courses or support groups with the peace of mind that their loved one is safe.

Support services
Arbor Rose provides a full social dining experience, scheduled transportation, and outings, medication management, full-service beauty salon, assistance with bathing and dressing, transferring assistance, incontinence support, and escorts to meals and activities. This is provided for our residents as well as our Adult Day Club participants.

Families receive a monthly calendar that includes daily and weekly programs available, along with a custom-made newsletter that discusses these special programs and events, scheduled activities, and tips for maintaining relationships.

Arbor Rose Adult Day Club services are flexible and cater to you and your loved one’s caregiving needs.
Day Club is available Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm.

For more information about the Arbor Rose Adult Day Club, respite care, assisted living, or memory care support, contact Ellen Parrish at 480-353-8055 or  Website:

An Enriching Life

Arbor Rose through the experience of a participant.

I’m enjoying life now at a most unique daycare center. The experience is enriching and occasionally inspirational. Staff and clients alike find enjoyment, laughter, and positive experiences.

I suffered memory loss in 2016 and am enjoying life now on a new level, which is most satisfying for family and friends alike. I have made many friends at Arbor Rose, both clients and staff. I feel touched in so many ways. Most are acquaintances but some are close. We save each other seats and we look forward to activities together. We are living our dreams.

I believe that writing about these experiences will allow me to express my thanks to both my family and to Arbor Rose. It is not easy to live with illness or aging, but Arbor Rose has allowed me to feel “awake.” I am not only alive and well, but I feel more alert and responsive. I seem to relate well to others and them to me. It is good for me and my family.

I attend two or three times per week. The staff is paramount. Each and every person is friendly, genuine, and without fault. They communicate well with each other, sharing duties. They are very hard working and care for clients with utmost care and concern.
Staff members often talk about their home life as well. They talk about their immediate families, including spouses and children. Some have brought their children during summer break. The children treat us like family as well. We must seem like their grandparents at the least.

The clients who attend day care are diverse, both financially and culturally. All clients have some disability. Aging is primary, and strokes predominate as well. Some clients use wheelchairs or canes. Some use oxygen at least on occasion. I ask if they smoked. One client replied, “No, I did welding.” That was a surprise. I myself smoked and spent much time and money trying to quit the habit. Not easy to do. I did not expect welding as the reason for oxygen.

All clients are unique as well, with their own story to tell. If one is willing to listen, each person tells the story. We have prominent members, also, such as a politician who ran for governor of Arizona, and this man is quite a dancer, too. Several men are veterans, and they wear their hats proudly.

Food is important. Because I have a professional background in food service, I am keenly aware of the food at Arbor Rose. I observe the eating habits of clients and the staff alike. I am mostly pleased. The food is well prepared and it is always served hot. Not an easy thing to accomplish. The menus have wide variety as well. Special food substitutes are always available. I see that some clients are generally good eaters and others are rather picky. It is interesting to observe human nature. Great care is taken to adhere to every client’s likes and dislikes.

Some staff are trained to take blood sugar levels and they administer insulin. I also see staff provide various pills to clients. This is necessary and appreciated. The menus also provide substitute sugar and sugar-free foods when necessary.

I have made several friends at Arbor Rose. We save each other seats, confide in one another, and we respect each other’s’ space. We look forward to the many activities provided. Favorites are musical groups and church services. We have exercises every day, which can take the shape of Music in Motion, Chair Yoga, Sit and Stretch, T’ai Chi, and so on. I enjoy this very much. We also play Bingo nearly every day. Now there is a game anyone can win, it is totally random.

Other activities include Spanish classes, various birthday parties, and all sorts of games. We have celebrated special holidays and each client on the day of their birth, enjoyed outings like Fort McDowell Indian Casino and restaurants. The driver and staff members watched over us like mother hens.

Several staff and clients are particularly artistic. They draw and design various crafts. Overall, everyone is accommodated according to each person’s ability and preference.

I especially enjoy the music. There is a piano at Arbor Rose as well. I have played this on some occasions. I gave away my piano, so I only have the rare opportunity to play here and at our clubhouse where I live.

Arbor Rose publishes a monthly newsletter. It includes the months’ activities, the entire menu for the month, and various other important bits of information. We look forward to this very much.

I thank everyone involved for their genuine friendliness, courtesy, and kindness. I am learning something new every day.

I feel enriched.

— An excerpt from an essay by Mrs. DeMassa

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January 07, 2019
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