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A Slice of Time

  November 02, 2017

By Fred Lamb, Meadows at Mercy Creek Culinary Director

Recently, I noticed a group of residents sitting in a darkened room. I glanced in and saw that they were watching “Barney’s First Car,” one of the best episodes of the Andy Griffith Show. It reminded me of a long-ago discussion I had with my grandparents. The issue at the forefront of my twelve-year-old mind was whose approach to “sheriffing” was best: Andy’s, or that of my real-life great grandfather, who was actually a Sheriff in Kentucky.

The next day, I happened upon one of the residents who had been in that room. She reminisced about watching that show when she was young, how funny it was then, and how funny it still is today, more than fifty years later. She mostly spoke about her experiences and her family who she watched that first-run episode with, how they enjoyed spending time together, and how different it was for her grandparents to watch a television show after supper instead of listening to the radio. Her face brightened as the memories rushed forward. She laughed and smiled, told stories, and clearly had a fine time sharing her recollections with me.

Her memories remained vivid after all those years, just as mine have. It is not the details that make them unforgettable  —  it is the recollection of time well-spent with those we cared about and those who cared about us. She treasures those moments with her loved ones, and the opportunity for her to share those memories brightened her day.

Those of us fortunate enough to have positions to serve in culinary in senior living communities spend most of our time preparing and serving meals. The work is rewarding because it matters. Our jobs should not begin and end with the food, though. Share a slice of time with seniors when you can. After all, food for the soul is still food, right?

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November 02, 2017
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