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A Laser Focus on Knee Pain

  August 02, 2017
By Becky Wiese

Knee pain is a common reason for seeking medical care. Crucial to the most basic movements of standing, walking, and sitting, the knee takes a lot of abuse throughout a lifetime. When it hurts to walk or even get up out of a chair, it’s easy to stop doing these things — which in turn can affect activities such as exercise, work, and socializing.

In other words, knee pain can affect your quality of life.

More than just uncomfortable, chronic knee pain can lead to poor overall health. Increased knee pain decreases the desire and ability to be active, so the cardiovascular system doesn’t get the workout it needs to stay healthy. The CV system then gets lazy, allowing plaque to form, leading to a host of other health issues — cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a general lack of energy — even depression.

For this reason, Dr. Ben Taimoorazy of Guardian Headache and Pain Management Institute has created the Laser Knee Institute that focuses specifically on knee pain. Offering a comprehensive range of treatment options based on a patient’s needs and desires, the center provides non-surgical alternatives for patients battling knee pain. These options can be performed either in lieu of surgery or after a surgical procedure that has not, for a variety of reasons, completely mitigated the pain.

All of the procedures are minimally invasive or non-invasive — meaning they are non-surgical options. The procedures can be done with minimal sedation, or even no sedation, and are performed on an outpatient basis.

The center offers the most advanced and cutting-edge procedures and technologies in conjunction with laser application in which a low level, or “cold,” laser is used to normalize damaged tissues and reduce inflammation, thus promoting healing.

“Cold laser procedures have been used for more than 40 years, especially for orthopedic issues, and usually provide good results,” says Dr. Taimoorazy. Laser treatment often accompanies another treatment and has been shown to decrease the patient’s pain as well as increase blood flow. This “micro-revascularization” helps to repair and reform tissue.

Another minimally invasive procedure is steroid injections or viscoelastic injections. In osteoarthritis situations, the lubricant production decreases, which causes the bones of the knee to rub against each other, causing pain and inflammation. Steroid or viscoelastic injections may provide temporary relief to knee pain by reducing inflammation and swelling (steroid treatment) or by acting as a lubricant (viscoelastic injection).

Similarly, a Botox injection into the joint can also provide significant pain relief. Botox is used for many reasons, one of which is because it is a powerful pain blocker. Patients with low to moderate levels of osteoarthritis can experience significant pain relief with a Botox injection.

Alternatively, for patients who are not candidates for surgical interventions, or have failed corrective knee surgery, a laser precision procedure called “radiofrequency ablation” can calm the nerves around the knee joint and provide prolonged pain relief. Last but not least, to heal the cartilage and the supporting structures of the knee joint, the center offers the most advanced methods of regenerative medicine by intra-articular injections of stem cells and platelet rich plasma.

A patient may need one to two injections a year with any of these treatments, but that may be much preferred when compared to undergoing surgery and rehab, with no guarantee of having a pain-free post-surgical experience.

A significant benefit to all the procedures offered by the Laser Knee Institute is that there are very few, if any, side effects when compared to major invasive surgical interventions.

Next month: More solutions to knee pain.

For more information about solutions to knee pain available at the Laser Knee Institute, call Dr. Taimoorazy at 888-KNEE-DOC, 888-563-3362 or online at His office is located at 2203 Eastland Dr. in Bloomington. Back to Top

August 02, 2017


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