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A Healthy Partnership: Evergreen Senior Living & Heritage Health Senior Care

  November 08, 2018

Evergreen Senior Living in Decatur and Heritage Health in Mt. Zion are partners in providing care to the senior population. Both locations are owned and operated by the same management team who share and provide the same resources, expertise, and experience in offering comprehensive senior care. This collaborative partnership embraces an interdisciplinary approach to senior care, offering a broad range of services for seniors as they age and their healthcare and residential needs evolve.

This continuum of care approach between Evergreen and Heritage includes supportive living, memory support, rehabilitative therapy, respite care, and short and long-term nursing care. Depending on their needs, residents have access to the services and opportunities available at each location, allowing them to transition from one level of care to the next as their situation changes.

Let’s take a look at these communities and what each provides.

Evergreen Senior Living, Decatur

Supportive living
Evergreen is a supportive-living community and is very similar to the more commonly understood “assisted living.” Supportive living is for seniors who want to maintain independence while also receiving some assistance with activities of daily living. It provides the same services, amenities, and benefits as assisted living; the only difference is financial.

Supportive-living communities provide a wider range of payment options than assisted-living communities. In addition to accepting private-paying customers, they work with select insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and veterans programs. The supportive-living program in Illinois accepts this broader range of benefits and payment options so as to make senior living options affordable and realistic for every senior.

Residents at Evergreen live in their own apartments within the community, but have help and support from the Wellness Team available at any time. This professionally trained team of caregivers provide discreet personal care services, medication reminders, and professional nursing services. Assistance is also available with bathing, dressing, grooming, and incontinence care.

The culinary team at Evergreen prepares three healthy and nutrient-dense meals daily. Served restaurant-style, each day has a different menu with a variety of options to allow residents to choose their favorite meals. Housekeeping and laundry services are available, and all maintenance needs are covered by the building services department. This allows residents to spend their days enjoying their favorite hobbies and activities instead of worrying about upkeep on their home.

Life enrichment is a key component to life at Evergreen Senior Living. Our staff firmly believes in providing events and social programs to keep our residents active and inspired. Activity choices abound, giving residents the opportunity to pursue long-held interests or learn something new.

Memory support
Located on the Evergreen campus, The Legacy: Memory Support, is for seniors experiencing the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. The memory care unit is a secure wing where residents receive specialized care with all the amenities offered in the larger supportive-living community.

The Legacy follows a special philosophy trademarked by Evergreen Senior Living. Known as Life Unrehearsed, this program focuses on the individual needs, preferences, and history of each resident. By taking into account those personal details, the care plan can be even more specialized to encourage communication and meaningful interactions with each resident.

Memory Support at The Legacy in Decatur is also part of the supportive living program, so there are financial options that make this service available to all seniors.

Heritage Health: Therapy & Senior Care, Mt. Zion

RESTORE therapy                                                                                                
RESTORE is the therapy program found exclusively at Heritage Health. In the past, seniors would spend extended periods of time in a hospital for rehabilitation following surgery, serious illness, or injury. That is no longer the case; patients are discharged from the hospital much sooner. A short-term therapy stay at Heritage Health is designed to restore activities of daily living so they can return home quickly and with confidence.

Individualized therapy programs address a wide spectrum of diagnoses and rehab needs. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy can help with stroke recovery, swallowing disorders (dysphagia), living skills retraining, rehabilitation after elective joint replacements, gait training, and falls management, to name a few.

Respiratory therapy is available to treat both acute and chronic respiratory disorders like COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema. Our RESTORE therapists can be instrumental in the early intervention of respiratory conditions to help reduce hospital readmissions.
Professional, certified therapists provide individualized therapy programs created to address the goals and challenges of each resident. Depending on their unique needs and goals, the therapy team focuses on helping them re-learn motor skills and activities of daily living so that they can return to living life their way.

The therapy team works closely with the nursing staff, pharmacy team, medical director, and dietary staff. This interdisciplinary approach provides the resident with optimal care from all angles, helping them to get stronger and healthier so that they can return home.
The amenities for RESTORE therapy patients at Heritage Health echo a hotel-like environment, featuring beautifully decorated therapy suites. Flat-screen TVs, in-room or private dining, and wireless internet provide all the comforts of home to provide a relaxing environment conducive to healing.

Skilled nursing care
The term “nursing home” means different things to different people, and today’s healthcare environment is rapidly changing the expectations patients have for traditional nursing homes. In recent years, the healthcare industry adopted the term “skilled- nursing facility” to replace “nursing home.” Heritage Health provides holistic senior care, meaning our team of caregivers addresses multiple facets of senior health.

One aspect of senior healthcare Heritage Health provides is around-the-clock skilled nursing care. The qualified nursing staff attends to a full range of senior conditions and mobility. The caregiving team administers medications, ensuring loved ones take medication as prescribed. Heritage works with certified geriatric pharmacists to closely monitor prescriptions and safeguard that there are no adverse side effects or interactions with other treatments.

Also included is a restorative nursing program which provides continued support to residents needing ongoing assistance with any or all of their activities of daily living. The goal is to keep the resident at their highest level of functioning possible in their walking, transferring, and personal hygiene tasks.

Respite Care at Evergreen and Heritage
Both Evergreen Senior Living and Heritage Health provide respite care services. Respite care is short-term care options for those who are taking care of an aging loved one at home. When caregivers need a break to recharge, they can admit their loved one to Evergreen or Heritage for a short-term stay. While staying in our community, they will receive all the amenities, services, and benefits available to residents on a daily basis.

Experience. Quality. Care.
Both Evergreen and Heritage have the same goal: to provide the highest calibur of care to the residents and their families who look to them for comfort. This shared goal means their experience, knowledge, and dedicated team of caregivers are ready to serve seniors and their families, throughout all the seasons of their lives. The team carries out our customer service mission of being “Happy to oblige.”

You can learn more about our communities by visiting our websites: www.EvergreenSLC.com/Decatur, or www.HeritageOfCare.com/MtZion. We welcome and encourage you to tour our buildings, speak with our staff, and meet our residents.

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November 08, 2018
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