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30 Years of Evolution

  July 09, 2019

Submitted by Anatomies Family Fitness

Incorporated in 1989, Anatomies is Hattiesburg’s remarkable source of health and fitness. Many of the people who have been a part of this organization have connected for the purpose of improving their health and being able to do more. Much like its patrons, Anatomies Incorporated has a mission of improving quality of life and continues to exercise its ability to grow in an effort to reach more people. These efforts during the past three decades have produced what is one of the most diverse sources for health, wellness, and fitness options.

According to JP Morgan, one half of small businesses exit the market within the first five years of operation. Anatomies became incorporated over 30 years ago! President and operating owner of Anatomies, Patrick Irby, states there are several key factors to the prolonged life of this business.

The first factor is passion. From the beginning, founding partner, George Taylor, had a passion for fitness. Inspired by Jack LaLanne episodes at an early age, Taylor connected with the pursuit of fitness. His passion for delivering excellence influenced many of the directions Anatomies would take. Irby states that during the 33 years he and Taylor worked together, these principles were reinforced daily. He points out that every person connected to Anatomies is on board because they passionately believe their efforts will make a difference in other people’s lives. This keeps us connected and provides a deep sense of purpose in our work. These passions drive our team to explore new ways to increase the reach of our service and endure the challenging seasons every organization faces. Anatomies has, in many ways, historically worked to stay on the forefront of health and fitness.

A foundation of genuine service is the second factor, letting everyone connected to Anatomies know how important they are. Anatomies has implemented and improved current technological operating components to improve levels of communication with every customer. Programs as common as social media platforms, club nurturing newsletters, and a soon-to-be released app are important and keep Anatomies relevant in today’s culture. However, these components simply reinforce the fact that every single person must be embraced and reminded that they are important. Bells and whistles are great, but can never replace these foundational principles.

The third reason for Anatomies’ viability has been the support of countless people over the past 30 years. With our mission of helping all people be victorious, it’s ironic we have been victorious ourselves largely because of the efforts of the same people we attempt to help. This emphasizes how relational business is, even more so with one that is service-driven.

As the vision for Anatomies continues to evolve, opportunities have been taken to provide valuable health and wellness services to groups of people that face different challenges. Several complimentary programs now exist in an effort to improve the quality of life for those facing health risks and undergoing special treatments for health conditions.

One program is called Fit2Fight—a 16-week health program for individuals currently battling cancer or those that had cancer before. There is no charge for this service and the membership connection is extended to caregivers and immediate family. Kaitie Newman, Gateway Director, explains that the emotional and financial costs of a disease such as cancer are exhausting, and this is one way Anatomies can make a positive difference in an individual’s life.

Another program, called Elevate, is designed for children and adolescents. This 12-week health and fitness program is aimed toward children facing health concerns as a result of inactivity or obesity. Like Fit2Fight, the complimentary membership is extended to immediate family and even the child’s best buddy. “This way, the child is more comfortable coming in and we can provide assistance for everyone in the family,” explains Kaitie.

Anatomies also works hand-in-hand with the ARC each week. Anatomies’ contribution to the ARC provides on-site levels of appropriate programming for those who attend. This complimentary service has been well received by all, and the Anatomies team enjoys every visit!

Everyone at Anatomies believes these programs make a difference in the Pine Belt community and our organization will continue to seek new ways to broaden this reach.

Gateway Wellness
Gateway Wellness is an entry-level program tailored for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey or who have limited experience with exercise. Regardless if the client is a senior or their physician has referred them to this program in order to prevent chronic illness, Gateway reintroduces people to a quality of life that once was thought impossible. Clients receive an individual assessment which directs the journey to wellness with client-specific programing. Success in Gateway can be measured by different domains of wellness including physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.

Weight Loss Center
The Anatomies Weight Loss Center provides well-balanced customized meal plans designed to help clients reach their goals. "Accountability and support are so important when you are on a weight loss journey," according to Weight Loss Center Director, Wendy Leiva. Weekly weigh-ins, a variety of meal plan options, and a convenient app for tracking calories and meals are all provided. Membership at Anatomies is not a requirement to take advantage of these services.

Kid’s Zone and Anatomies Youth Center
Committed to bringing families together, Anatomies offers programming options for children of all ages, with 17,000 square feet dedicated to an area designed to introduce children to the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. “The key to success in our children’s areas is the quality of programs implemented by Wendy Montgomery—Kid’s Zone director, and Justin Boleware—AYC director. Age appropriate programming is delivered and teaches our children how beneficial and fun exercise can be,” states Irby. “Anatomies is seizing the opportunity to impact the youth of our community and hopefully slow the epidemic of obesity and inactivity our nation faces.”

Programming Options
Personal training, group fitness classes, and specialty programming are offered and are ideal for clients who want to take their fitness to a higher level. There is an energy that comes out of working in a group or with your own private fitness coach. As more people learn the benefits of these fitness options, they begin to accelerate their progress. Irby concurs, stating, “It is as simple as this: if you have more fun, you get more fit.” And fun they have. The strongest attendance rates are among those who are connected to programming.

More than just for members, Anatomies is reaching the Hattiesburg community in new and creative ways. “We understand, more than ever, the need for health and wellness in the lives of everyone in our community. We also understand the opportunities to bring people together for the benefit of wonderful charitable organizations,” explains Irby.

“Our passion is simply to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community,” Irby concludes. “And I have found that when you bring people together who have this same passion, truly remarkable outcomes are possible.” Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all formula, and the Anatomies team understands that. Take the time today and inquire about membership. The Anatomies team will work hard to show it is one of the most important decisions you could make.

For more information or help developing a complete fitness program, please contact one of our Anatomies Fitness Professionals. Call 601-579-9555 or take a virtual tour by visiting us online at Back to Top

July 09, 2019
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